Divestitures & Refinancing

MarshallMorgan's team of professionals have extensive experience in creating divestiture programs for franchisors and retail businesses. These programs have created over $700 million in additional revenues over the last 3 years. Any franchisor or business considering expanding its brand to more franchisees or licensees should consider the services of MarshallMorgan. Typically, it will take any company 6-9 months to put together an in-house divestiture team, create all sales documents, and develop buyer contacts and lender programs to finance the purchase of the divested assets. Additionally, the costs associated with paying additional salaries, over-head and benefits can be an enormous addition to corporate overhead. Therefore, if your company does not have the time to develop an experienced team with established, proven processes, buyer databases and existing lender relationships and do not want the expense of additional overhead, you should call MarshallMorgan. Below is a list of services offered by MarshallMorgan:

  • Initial market analysis and creation of target criteria.
  • Creation of comprehensive bid packages for franchisors including historical cash flows, maps, demographic information, real estate and lease summaries, bid and sales process information, lender references and complete sets of sales documents.
  • Development of detailed deal step procedures and incorporation of new corporate policies and procedures that will ensure a smooth and professional process for the transition of corporate assets and employees to new companies/franchisees.
  • Leveraging existing lender relationships to create Franchisee loan programs specifically tailored to obtain quick sources of financing for your company‚Äôs new and existing franchisees.
  • Access to extensive franchisee/buyer databases and creation of an on-going buyer sourcing program including a specific marketing program and bid comparison analysis.
  • Creation of comprehensive valuation scenario analyses including shareholder value, NPV, IRR, various buyer debt coverage ratios, gain analysis, etc.
  • Development and negotiation of all franchise and sales documents including Uniform Franchise Operating Circulars (UFOC), franchise agreements, management agreements, lease/real estate documents and asset sale agreements.
  • Mapping and demographic analysis for existing stores operations and future development site selection.