Franchise Financing

Proper financing is the life-blood of franchisees. Without the right terms, a franchisee can quickly end up in financial trouble. In fact, most of the loan work-outs and bankruptcies that occurred back in the late 90’s and around 2008, were because many franchisees discovered that they were over-leveraged and had paid too much for their businesses. MarshallMorgan is here to insure that its’ clients get the best terms based on solid business valuations. In over 2 decades of experience on the lender’s side and on the borrower’s side, MarshallMorgan is uniquely qualified to market, negotiate and close the best possible loan for its’ clients. Our combination of legal and financial expertise will allow us to help any franchisee with its’ senior or development loan terms. MarshallMorgan prides itself on finding unique solutions to complex financial issues.

Accordingly, MarshallMorgan offers the following services:

  • Development of a detailed financial analysis and valuation of a franchisee’s existing business and / or any acquisition targets.
  • Full analysis of any existing loan terms and detailed projection on how any new loan or refinancing might benefit or impact our client.
  • Development of a full due diligence package to be distributed to interested lenders.
  • Marketing of the valuations and due diligence packages to our vast database of franchise restaurant lenders and investors.
  • Negotiation of all terms of any type of loan and closing services as required by our clients.
  • On-going financial impact analysis on all proposed loan terms from various lenders with a comparison chart to determine which the best approach.
  • Annual financial health check-ups to insure that all loan terms and required loan financial ratios are met.