Loan Workouts & Restructuring

The principals of MarshallMorgan have represented lenders and borrowers in large loan work-outs from both a legal and financial perspective. As a result MarshallMorgan can offer unique, balanced perspectives and pragmatic solutions to complex issues. Since all strategies involve both legal and financial risks, MarshallMorgan can quantify the risks and coordinate the right strategy with all the involved legal, financial and accounting services. MarshallMorgan’s effective use of scenario modeling with sensitivity analysis combined with pragmatic legal background and experience will create solutions that will minimize client risk and minimize litigation or bankruptcy exposure while ensuring that the borrower will be stabilized financially and that the lender maximizes its return by avoiding the cost of litigation or bankruptcy. MarshallMorgan can provide either a lender or a borrower with the following services:

  • Financial review of Performance benchmarking reports including ROC, IRR, ROE, profitability ratio analysis and debt coverage ratios.
  • Pro-forma forecasting and pro-forma budgets.
  • Work-out scenario strategic planning and financial performance decision-making.
  • Cash management strategies that will maximize cash in-flows while minimizing and controlling cash out-flows.
  • Lender and creditor negotiations creating "win-win" work-out scenarios.
  • Develop bankruptcy (Chapter 7 / Chapter 11) strategies and scenarios.
  • Refinancing scenario planning and negotiation of all new and existing loan documents.
  • Review of working capital management strategies.
  • Create and develop financial strategies that will deliver maximum profitability while minimizing risk.
  • Sourcing of additional new capital or financing in selected cases.
  • Creation and modeling of new corporate structures including internal restructuring, mergers, acquisitions or divestiture / downsizing strategies.